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Kisumi Shigino ep 08.

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These idiots manage to get even more stupid in their drama cd i am so angry stupid cuties ugh

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ARGH!! *this manga totally mess me up…*

*pics from Yamane Ayano Community*

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Petition to have a very gay sports anime *pause for effect* with girls


figure skating


another baseball

military?? idk



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Furudate’s doodles from the Haikyuu!! manga (volumes 1 to 10, not in order). These were on the back cover flap and they’re cute as heck (especially the kuroo and bokuto one tbh).

Click to enlarge!!

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” was because i was able to see the sky while i was swimming backstroke .”

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if you blame haru and saying he’s selfish because he doesn’t want to do something other people wants him to do, please tag it as #i’m wrong because i don’t see him as a character in this anime just for shipping material

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  1. Haruka: *YELLING*
  2. Rin: *SCREAMING*
  3. Makoto: *PANICKING*
  4. Sousuke: *CRYING IN THE SHOWER*
  5. ED: Hey future fish!
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breakdown // worries 
(s01e12/s02e09 parallels)

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