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….*sweats a lot*

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Noiz w bunny sweaters is important


Noiz w bunny sweaters is important

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You left on your own because you didn't want to get us involved, right?
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You can play any route you want

you can have all your headcanons

but what you cannot erase is

Noiz kissed Aoba first


[Koujaku crying in the distance]

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Tip #1 for travelling.

Don’t travel with my fucking sister.

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to pee or not to pee
me whenever I’m lying in bed in the perfect position and need to pee (via clestroying)

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RIP Haruka Nanase’s character development

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Free! Eternal summer or “We will publicly admit, several times, we don’t know how to write our main characters and honestly only care about making everyone like Rin, please please please please like Rin.”

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Free! eternal heart break buttons added to my storenvy!! 

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A Choice With No RegretsLevi, Erwin, Farlan and Isabel

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All I can say is well done kyoani for getting actual Australians to play the Australians. Or at least people that can really speak English real well with an Australian accent.

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This time, I won't lose. It's time for revenge!
Rin. I've found it, too.

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Really sketchy but I just wanted to draw him >D

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